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Icons and graphics for sharing, made by coell
No hotlinking = Do not link to my hosted images.
I sayeth unto you: Host them thine damn self.

Please credit coell_icons, such as in the icon's subject or keyword. You don't have to tell me what you're taking, but I do feel warm and fuzzy when you do. Feel free to correct my typos and make suggestions on how to improve the icons.

I don't support the claim in icon-making that bases cannot be altered. Those icon-makers don't have rights to the photos they manipulated into icons, so why can't someone else do the same to the icons? If you alter the icons I've made, please consider crediting me for the base.

If you friend this community, I will make you some gift icons and take requests (here). Generally this means me molesting what you already have, but if there's a new subject you'd like to suggest, chances are I'll do a batch if I like it too.